This sci-fi horror/thriller has a lot going for it - a shadowy, freaky location, strange noises, a group of characters you will get behind - and others that you will enjoy watch being slaughtered - and, of course, an extra-terrestrial predator. However, it falls short of inspiring real fear and it certainly won’t make you jump out of your seat.

Writer-star Noel Clarke’s Storage 24 came from a simple idea: in a place designed to keep things in, how do you get out? Throw a group of conflicting characters and a villain into the mix and what do you get? A confinement thriller and an alien threat – a deadly combination.

When a military plane crashes in London and its top secret cargo escapes the city is thrown into a frenzy. Completely unaware of the extent of what has happened, Charlie (Clarke) and Shelley (Campbell-Hughes), accompanied by best friends Mark (O’Donoghue) and Nikki (Haddock), are at Storage 24 dividing up their possessions after a recent break-up.

When the power fails and the shutters go down, the group is trapped in a maze of endless corridors and the bloody hunt begins. Storage 24's 'human versus monster' is not the most original of ideas, but the drama between the characters does make this film a little different and give it a worthwhile-ish edge.

In true horror style, the characters are forced to fight to the death. The standout performance comes from Clarke as the emotionally distraught Charlie, who can’t come to terms with the fact that his relationship with his girlfriend (Campbell-Hughes) is over.

As things become a lot more complicated in the storage facility, we see Charlie transform into the man we didn’t think he could become. We follow him on a hero’s journey, where he is forced to put aside his personal grievances in order to survive and save others. His journey is one of the more interesting aspects of Storage 24.

The open-ended 'conclusion' works, as it instils a sense that the journey isn’t over just yet and that the threat still looms around the corner. But for a film evidently designed to frighten and panic, Storage 24 falls short of really delivering.

It isn’t a bad watch, and if you’re into aliens, tense situations, blood and mutilation, it may be worth going to see.

Nicky O'Flanagan