They’re back! but this time mercifully they have throttled back on the singing and dance routines.

Another instalment in this series was inevitable considering the success of the previous two but if you are heading to this movie you are doing it for the kids and you know exactly what you are getting.

The fairly thin plot see the ever-watchable Jason Lee back as the hapless Dave, father to not three but now six chipmunks with the arrival in the Squeakquel of the Chipettes – Brittney, Janette and Eleanor. Dave decides that they all need a break from their busy lives as international popstars and they head on a cruise for some rest and relaxation.

Alvin is as usual driving Dave nuts with his irresponsible behaviour and soon the chipmunks find themselves stranded on an almost deserted island. Dave also finds himself on the island searching for his missing kids and he gets a chance to renew his double act with evil old Uncle Ian, dressed as a chicken and played with relish by David Cross.

Throw in a slightly crazy and possibly evil island dweller named Zoe (Jenny Slate) aping Tom Hanks in Castaway for all she’s worth, a spider whose poison gives Simon a major personality transplant, a little romance for the aforementioned Simon and Janette and maybe Alvin finally learning a lesson about how to behave and you get the picture.

At 87 minutes long this is just the right length for any younger kids in the family and thankfully there is much less singing and dancing that in the first two instalments. It’s bright, fun and there is a nice banter between Lee and Cross to keep the parents amused.

All in all an ideal family outing.

Bree Treacy