When two people fall in love, everything should be simple and fall into place. For Jean-Rene and Angelique, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jean-Rene is a struggling chocolate company owner who hires Angelique as his sales rep to drive business. Little does he know Angelique is a master chocolatier, but is crippled by her anxiety and unable to advertise herself.

Unbeknownst to both, they suffer from the same thing, they are over-emotional, timid and painfully anxious but at the same time share a life’s passion for chocolate.

Romantics Anonymous is a typical French film that is fuelled by passion, light humour and a somewhat awkward plot, but it works. The film is short, sweet and not altogether predictable.

For someone who cannot relate to the debilitating characteristics of an anxiety disorder or the crippling worry and fear that consumes a person’s life, this film may seem unrelatable and over the top. However, for someone who has experienced something at least close to this, it’s a mirror to reality.

We have all felt silly in front of a person we love, put our foot in our mouth or have been more clumsy than coquettish. However, this is anxiety in the face of love like nothing else. Watching the shy, awkward pair try to woo each other is actually quite funny and exciting to watch.

For all the seductive powers of a film fueled by chocolate and love, it’s counteracted by uncomfortable dinners, sweat patches and awkward kissing scenes. The end result is a light-hearted film which is easy to watch and a bit off the beaten track.

Patrick Hanlon