It’s not a good sign when a director is reportedly spending time trying to get his name taken off his movie, while his two leads are reportedly unwilling to make themselves available for press duties to support said movie.

As it turns out, you can see why both scenarios might arise. Dream House is a haunted house thriller that is neither scary nor thrilling and the finished product (not what our Jim would have put out, one suspects) fails on every level to live up to the standards expected from both the director and his leads.

There are echoes of The Shining and of most standard haunted house 'who's that face at the window' thrillers but nothing to write home about or even generate much of a shiver.

The only positive thing one can say about the film is the fact that it reunited its two stars, Craig and Weisz, who had previously worked together on the Cambridge University stage some twenty years ago. They got on so well they ended up getting married in a secret ceremony in New York.

It's a shame that the moviegoing experience isn't as rewarding.

Michael Doherty