'Gossip Girl's beautiful baddie, Leighton Meester, has attempted to graduate from TV to film with a leading role in new thriller, 'The Roommate'. Meester plays Rebecca, a college student who is assigned to a freshman dorm with a beautiful design student, named Sara (Kelly). Things turn deadly however when Rebecca becomes obsessed and begins targeting people in Sara’s life. Sound familiar?

Yes people, this is literally 'Single White Female - The College Years'. But don't be confused, 'Single White Female' was actually quite a good movie - this isn't!

In 'The Roommate', Leighton Meester follows in the tradition of such likeable TV beauties as Alicia Silverstone ('The Crush'), Erika Christensen ('Swimfan') and Ali Larter ('Obsession'), all playing characters who lose their marbles in the name of love and on the way damage their credibility in the name of that big screen debut.

In this case, the question is how does such a sunny actress - whose day job involves a perfected red carpet smile - make us believe she's a psycho killer? If you’re Leighton Meester, then you take a sprinkling of Blair Waldorf’s bitchiness, which she has mastered, glaze your eyes over with a certain deadness, and stare. Before you know it, the end credits are rolling.

'The Roommate' lacks narrative and imagination throughout, but meanders and dawdles in curious ways. A bizarre scene involving a kitten and a clothes dryer is particularly strange, as is the role of Billy Zane as a college professor.

Now, Leighton can’t take all the blame, her co-star, the stunning Minka Kelly ('Friday Night Lights'), who she confusingly resembles, is equally poor as Sara, the object of Rebecca’s affections and a so-called and very naive design student who looks like she would be better suited to 'Project Runway'.

After her strong performance in 'Country Strong' (starring Gwyneth Paltrow), we expected more from Meester. She definitely has something, but she just hasn’t figured out what it is yet.

If this movie does anything it shows that casting a line-up of beautiful stars does not equal a pretty outcome.

Janice Butler