Ten years on and the 'Jackass' guys still haven't gained anything in the way of sense. Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry men return with their third movie instalment, and yet more outrageous stunts and painful pranks. A movie too far? Not according to the opening figures in the US.

'Jackass 3D' follows the same formula as its predecessors and indeed the television series of the same name. Knoxville and his crew (all of the old favourites are back on board) set up an array of crazy stunts that threaten life and limb. The usual mantra applies... The more dangerous and ridiculous the better!

The introduction of 3D here has added a new dimension. There are certain stunts that just seem so much funnier in three-dimensional slow-motion, for full effect. The guys also seem be a lot tighter this time 'round. You get a real sense that they're having fun and that the camaraderie on set isn't just for the benefit of the cameras.

The stunts and pranks vary, from the classic 'simple yet funny' to the 'outrageously dangerous' to the 'plain gross'. You might gasp, cringe or cover your eyes from time to time but you can't help but be secretly impressed by the fact that these guys still care so little for their own welfare in the quest for an entertaining stunt.

'Jackass 3D' isn't for everyone. If you've a weak stomach or weren't previously a fan of what the guys do then maybe check the cinema listings for an alternative because this latest offering isn't going to change your mind. Teenage boys will probably love the ultimate gross-out moments (there are a few) but there's also plenty for older audiences. Impressively, some of the best pranks are the seemingly unscripted ones that they play on each other on downtime from filming - the lads are at their funniest when they're being clever as opposed to trying to shock.

Tip one: Don't bring food into the cinema with you.

Tip two: Be ready to whip off the 3D glasses and blur your vision if you're not good with nasty.

Tip three: Definitely don't try these stunts at home because they become more and more outrageous!

Are there any ideas left for another movie? Who knows? If not, then this is certainly a good note to go out on.

Linda McGee