Erin (Barrymore) is a struggling journalist. Having just completed an internship in New York at the age of 31, she’s feeling a bit demoralised by not being able to find gainful employment. Garrett (Long) works for a record label, promoting bands that he has no interest in... and his girlfriend has just discovered that he has no interest in her either! Erin is about to meet Garrett at a bar while he’s drinking his sorrows away...

After a drunken ‘no strings’ night of passion, they admit that neither one of them is looking for a serious relationship. Erin is about to move back to San Francisco and Garrett is on the rebound. So they decide to make the most of the six-week window of opportunity to have some fun, without the commitment. Trouble is, they kind of like each other, a lot, and saying goodbye is harder than they thought. The only thing for it is to embark on the dreaded 'long-distance-relationship'.

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Several plane trips, embarrassing 'meet-the-family' situations and temptations later, the pair are finding the strain of living apart tough to take and something's going to have to give.

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Barrymore and Long have obvious chemistry and effortlessly present one of the commonest stories of the modern day: the curse of the long-distance lover. So if you've ever been in one, listened to a friend talk about their 'across-the-miles' romance or even just enjoy reading the problem pages, then you'll most likely get this. Put simply, it’s the stuff of normal life, made funny.

'Going The Distance' takes a simple concept and moulds it into something entertaining, while steering away from the usual rom-com idea and presenting something that’s a bit more real, and that's why it works.

Linda McGee