Have you ever seen an almost godlike man on the street and thought to yourself, there must be something wrong with him, he can't be that perfect? Well Jennifer Kornfeldt (Heigl) finds out the true answer to this question when her seemingly perfect man and her blissful suburban life get blown to shreds (literally) in 'Killers'.

Spencer Aimes (Kutcher) is a dashing and toned Government-hired super assassin who leads a life of never-ending promiscuity and European jet-setting opulence. While carrying out one of his top secret missions in Nice, France he bumps into Jennifer, a beautiful, blonde, self-confessed geek, who has just been dumped and is holidaying with her parents, much to her shame.

After a series of eventful dates Spencer turns his back on his murdering life, hoping and believing that his dirty secret will never come out. The two immediately fall into a whirlwind romance that ends in the one thing Jen thought would never happen to her: marriage.

However, Jen soon finds out that Spencer isn't quite the perfect man he's made himself out to be (how he thought he could hide the fact that he's killed 15 people is beyond me). His web of lies quickly unfolds when the couple realise killers have been planted in their lives from the day they met. Their objective is to kill their target, Spencer Aimes, who has a multi-million dollar bounty on his head.

Jen and Spencer's marriage is put to the test when she discovers something that could either make her stick it out being married to a jackpot target or walk away for good.

Although it is not one of Heigl's best performances (it's no 'Knocked Up'), and Kutcher, the body hairless wonder, seems out of his depth in places as the lead, 'Killers' still manages to keep you hooked with its fast pace and entertaining storyline.

The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable and it seems Heigl, along with the vast majority of the female population out there, also thinks Kutcher is pretty dreamy. The first kiss ends with Heigl coming up for breath, looking like she's just won an Oscar.

The supporting actors, who are stars in their own right, are definitely underused. Catherine O'Hara puts in a brilliant performance as Jen's drunk of a mother and adds a much-needed dose of quick wit when the film becomes stiff. Tom Selleck plays the overprotective dad, with his legendary moustache being the topic of conversation in most scenes he appears in.

'Killers' is not a ground-breaking film, nor will it join the likes of 'The Hangover' as one of the comedic greats out there. However, it is a mildly funny, light action movie that manages to combine a healthy balance of laughs, romance and thrills to keep even the most stubborn of boyfriends quiet. Just watch out that Ashton Kutcher doesn't get you with those guns.

Sarah Carty