If you like dancing, then there's something infectious about this movie, no matter how cheesy the storyline.

Carly (Burley) lives to dance with her crew, headed up by her boyfriend Jay (Roach). But Jay is a defector and spots brighter lights elsewhere. That leaves a heartbroken Carly to lick her wounds and take charge of the crew ahead of the World Streetdancing Championships. They have nowhere to rehearse, no support and very little leadership, but Carly might just be onto something when she befriends ballet teacher Helena (Rampling). She can provide the perfect rehearsal space, but there's a catch: she wants Carly to use her prim-and-proper ballet dancers in the streetdancing routine. Beggars can't be choosers so Carly and her crew reluctantly agree to teach the ballet dancers how to let loose on the dancefloor.

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For here on in it's pretty predictable stuff. The initial war between the two sides soon turns into a bond, love begins to blossom between two of the dancers and old rivals return to stir up trouble on the dancefloor.

With performances from most of the acts who brought streetdancing to the masses through 'Britain's Got Talent' - winners George Sampson and Diversity and finalists Flawless - 'Streetdance 3D' is high on energy and visual impact. The story isn't up to much but younger audiences aren't all that likely to care about that when there are such fun dance routines on offer, and in 3D. What's more it's nice to see this type of movie being made this side of the water to celebrate the abundance of dancing talent in the UK, particularly emerging from talent shows.

While the chemistry is at times tame between leads Nichola Burley and Richard Winsor, their on-stage performances add a spark to the proceedings and children especially will enjoy Eddie, the character with hidden talents played by George Sampson.

'Streetdance' is a movie that doesn't outstay its welcome, does something new (in terms of the 3D element in dance movies) and perhaps paves the way for similar projects to compete with the likes of 'Stomp the Yard', 'Step Up' and 'Save the Last Dance' outside of the US.

Linda McGee