As I am sure you have guessed by its title, 'Hot Tub Time Machine' is certainly no 'Citizen Kane'. No, Steve Pink's movie is brash, crass, smutty, lewd, bizarre and just plain weird. Having said all that, it's funny and therefore does its job.

Three friends (Cusack, Robinson, Corddry) head back to where they spent ski holidays in their youth. The reason for the trip is that one of the trio's lives has spun out of control and he has attempted to kill himself. His two friends feel he needs an old-school, buddies' holiday to get him back on track. John Cusack's character decides to bring his nephew (Duke) - who never leaves his basement apartment and only seems to play computer games - along for the ride.

When they arrive at their destination they find the hotel is run down and the once cool town nearly deserted. All seems lost, until they jump in the hot tub, spill some energy drink on the control dial and mysteriously get transported back to 1986.

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That was the year of the gang's heyday and the four men have to make the choice to either retrace their exact steps in order not to upset the space-time continuum and change the future, or just be damned with it and party like it's, well, 1986.

Did I mention this wasn't 'Citizen Kane'? Okay, good.

The plot is wafer-thin, but it is just about strong enough to rattle along and be used as a springboard for a whole assortment of bizarre jokes such as: 'My mom just moved in with her boyfriend - the taxidermist. My mom is getting stuffed by a taxidermist.' and 'I've had lots of girlfriends - hot ones,' to which the reply is, 'You've had lots of boyfriends - gay ones.' If these high-class verbal sparrings are not enough for you then fear not, there is plenty of other entertainment, including vomiting on squirrels.

If you like your humour indelicate and raw you are going to love this. There are also some very cool supporting appearances from Crispin Glover - who played George McFly in 'Back to the Future' - and the legendary Chevy Chase.

'Hot Tub Time Machine' achieves its goal of grossing out the audience and getting several hearty belly laughs. The script is not funny enough to make it a low-brow classic like 'Wedding Crashers' and isn't sharp or witty enough to etch itself into public consciousness like 'Zoolander', but at times it is extremely entertaining.

Tadhg Peavoy

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