Finally, a romantic drama worth investing in, 'Last Chance Harvey' is a realistic yet charming film.

Hoffman plays a divorced father estranged from his daughter, on the brink of losing his job and flailing musical career. He leaves his troubled life behind in Los Angeles to attend his daughter's wedding in London, where he meets Thompson's character.

If you think you've seen it already, stop. We may have seen mature romantic drama wannabes but this is the real deal.

The chemistry between Hoffman and Thompson is as uncanny as it is convincing – little wonder they've two Oscars a piece. On the surface Thompson has, what might for many A-list actresses be, a thankless role as the love interest. Instead she pulls the role in from the wings to take her rightful place, centre stage, alongside Hoffman's touching and human performance.

Supported by a superb script and direction by relative newcomer Joel Hopkins, 'Last Chance Harvey' is real cinema for grown-ups. A perfect summer Blockbuster alternative.

Taragh Loughrey-Grant