Rarely does a film have audiences glued before the opening credits have rolled but the subtle yet violent opener of 'Anything for Her' does just that.

This surprising, heartbreaking story has it all: realism, suspense, drama and love.

A family is torn apart when the mother (Kruger) is falsely accused of murder, leaving her husband (Lindon) to raise their son alone. With all legal avenues blocked, he resorts to desperate measures to ensure they are reunited.

Kruger follows Kristin Scott Thomas' lead in last year's critically acclaimed drama 'I've Loved You So Long', with a make-up free turn as a French woman suffering injustice.

The little that German born, French speaking Kruger has to do as the wrong-place-wrong-time Lisa, she does very well. Her beauty may have been her invitation to film, through her role as Helen in 'Troy' but her talent has earned her a place in the business.

However it's renowned French actor Lindon who carries the film, from it's warm beginning to the family's agonising journey and nail-biting finale. He convincingly shows the depths 'an average man' will go to for love, his family and peace.

'Pour Elle's' violence and sensual love scenes earn the 15A cert for this well-rounded, pacey thriller.

Taragh Loughrey-Grant