Grab your pom-poms and gym kit - it's Senior Year at East High and our favourite all-singing, all-dancing cast are getting ready to say their goodbyes to each other and face the big bad world (or maybe just a slightly less glossy, jazz-hands type-of-world).

Troy (Efron) and Chad (Bleu) are bidding to win the biggest basketball game of their high-school years, their final match in a Wildcats singlet. Elsewhere, Gabriella (Hudgens) is being forced to make some tough decisions about her educational future. And Sharpay (Tisdale) is planning to take over the world (well, maybe just the final school musical) and is dragging poor Ryan (Grabeel) along for the ride. Taylor (Coleman) is busy putting the final touches to the yearbook for her class and lovely Kelsi (Rulin) is busy writing big show tunes for the end of year musical-theatre spectacle.

High-maintenance Sharpay's latest drama is that she absolutely needs a personal assistant. Up steps Tiara (McKenzie-Brown), perfectly named for the duties of caring for an absolute princess. Meanwhile, Jimmy 'The Rocket' Zara (Prokop) is stamping his place as Troy's shadow/replacement at East High, playing the joker to full effect.

The show tunes are, as usual, big, sing-along numbers and the choreography is lively and fun. Audiences of a certain age are sure to, once again, go crazy for the moves, music and magic that has made 'High School Musical' such a phenomenon. And no doubt fans of the movies will also go mad for the smiley, shiny leads, who are all impressive here. Sure, it's all a bit corny by times but there's a market for cheesey, innocent stories and parents are likely to feel reassured by its squeaky clean messages, that are definitely in the minority these days.

'High School Musical 3' wraps various running storylines up well and feels very much like the end of era for the Wildcats. All of the gang are trying to make semi-grown-up decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, weighing their heads against their hearts. But, while they are most certainly moving on, it feels very much like the younger crew are making their mark in preparation for another sequel in the franchise and, with one of two of the old familiar faces planning on staying local, there's enough to build on for a fourth movie.

It may be strictly for the younger ones but it's one they'll watch again and again. If you're already a fan then you'll probably love it. If not then this isn't going to convert you - it's as simple as that.

Linda McGee

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