Uninspired and borrowing from more than a couple of movies in the genre, 'Make It Happen' can't even boast fantastic dance routines that will keep you entertained.

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Lauryn (Winstead) has always dreamt of becoming a dancer but those on the other side of the audition table aren't digging her vibe (to speak the street dance lingo). And she has nobody to speak up for her. She moves to the city to give her dancing dream one last shot, leaving behind her brother Joel (Reordan), who is struggling to cope in the family business since their parents' deaths.

Having been refused entry to a course at the prestigious Chicago School of Music and Dance (probably because her routine wasn't all that good), Lauryn decides to stay in the city anyway, taking up a job as a bookkeeper in a burlesque-style nightclub. As luck would have it, one of the dancers fails to show up one night leaving Lauryn with an opening to take centre-stage (this would be after she was done her very well-rehearsed routine in the club late one night when she thought that nobody else was around!). She is a success with the punters but what would her brother have to say? And why wouldn't the trendy DJ Russ (Smith) fall for the dowdy wannabe dancer anyway? Yawn!

Put 'Save The Last Dance', 'Coyote Ugly' (but only the worst bits) and any of the 'Step Up' movies into a blender and whisk it up and what have you got? Unfortunately, it's this very weak movie about overcoming the odds to make your dreams come true. Bucket anyone? There's pretty much nothing original about 'Make It Happen'. The lead actors fail to inject sufficient energy into their roles to make you care about their characters and the storyline is lamer than a dancer with shin splints.

'Make It Happen' is almost as bad as it gets but I suppose if you're a total sucker for soppy, obvious, predictable, clichéd stories then maybe you'll be able to find something in it. Just lower your expectations considerably.

'Make It Happen'? Make it end more like.

Linda McGee