The latest small screen heartthrob to embark on a big screen starring career, Patrick Dempsey has already tasted box office success with the charming 'Enchanted'. But if he chooses too many movies like 'Made of Honour', his time in cinemas could end up more like David Caruso's than George Clooney's.

The inventor of the coffee collar, Tom Bailey (Dempsey) leads a charmed life - rich, women throwing themselves at him on a daily basis and a genuine for-life friendship with art historian Hannah (Monaghan). But behind all the bravado is a man who's reached a crossroads: Tom loves Hannah but can't say it, and having seen his father (Pollack) get through five marriages, he's terrified that he could end up the same way.

So when Hannah heads off on a work trip to Scotland for six weeks, Tom realises that he's got to let her know how he feels when she comes back - that is until she comes back with a Scottish fiancé (McKidd), a wedding to plan in two weeks and a request that he be her Maid of Honour.

Dempsey hasn't got as far as he's got without having star quality and Monaghan is a fine actress so what they're doing wasting their time in this is as unbelievable as Hannah not twigging that Tom was into her all along. One of those direct-by-numbers romcoms perfect for in-flight movies but not dates, 'Made of Honour' is short on standout humour, even shorter on developed characters and more rushed than Hannah's and Colin's romance. Had as much time been spent on the script as getting Dempsey (suits, shirts and shirtless) looking good, tears of laughter and slush would be in abundance, instead there are just a couple of chuckles.

Harry Guerin