Sometimes you really have to wonder. Having given us such dull, third rate flops as 'Taxi' and 'The Pacifier', Hollywood has loosened the purse strings once more to allow writer/director Robert Ben Garant make another 'comedy' totally devoid of humour.

As dumb and depressingly boring a film as you're likely to see this or any other year, 'Balls of Fury' concerns Randy Daytona (Fogler), a disgraced former ping-pong phenomenon now making a living as a lounge act performer.

A shadow of his former self, Daytona's career as a ping-pong player is resurrected when FBI agent Ernie Rodriquez (Lopez) insists that he help him capture the elusive Mr Feng (Walken) by earning a place in Feng's underground ping-pong tournament.

In order to get back to his best, Daytona is trained by a blind Japanese ping pong expert (Hong) in a bid to save the day.

Cue jokes about blind people walking into things and kicks to the groin. In fact the humour rarely deviates from the obvious 'balls' joke. Clearly Hollywood's finest writers weren't employed for this outing.

Nor, it seems were its finest comics. Cast in the lead role, Dan Fogler manages to prove even more irritating here than when last infesting our screens in the deplorable 'Good Luck Chuck'. A second-rate Jack Black, he simply isn't funny and his puerile humour isn't even juvenile enough to garner a giggle.

Even Walken, normally reliable for a laugh, can't save this lame duck and despite doing his usual 'Hey, it's me!' thing, the great star is let down by the material placed in front of him

In all, you'll have more laughs watching a turkey being stuffed then putting yourself through this muck. Avoid like the plague.

Steve Cummins