After the success of 'Hostel' and 'Wolf Creek', backpacker horror looks set to become an ever-more-lucrative sub genre in the years to come. Next month sees the release of 'Hostel Part II' and before that we have 'Paradise Lost', a decent shocker that makes good use of an intriguing storyline and a great location.

Travelling through Brazil, brother and sister Alex and Bea ('Vegas' star Duhamel and Wilde) and best pal Amy (Garrett) find themselves on an epic bus journey with British duo Finn and Liam (Askew and Brown) and Australian globetrotter Pru (former 'Home and Away' star George). Alex reckons that he and the two girls should've taken a plane - and he's proved right when their crazy driver nearly kills all his passengers on a death trap turn.

Forced to jump out of the windows of the bus before it topples down a hill, the six twentysomethings are told that they're going to have to wait 12 hours-plus for a replacement. Their mood brightens, however, when they're given directions to a beautiful bar down on a beach. It has great atmosphere, even better eye candy and the drinks are for next-to-nothing. It's also got a terrible secret.

'Paradise Lost' shares more than just a heaven-turns-to-hell plot with 'Hostel', it's also incurred the wrath of an entire nation, with Brazilians livid about the depiction of their country and the effects it could have on their tourist industry. And with good reason: this is nasty, scary stuff. Whereas 'Hostel' dealt with murder-for-sport, 'Paradise Lost' looks at the underworld of organ harvesting. If you're one of those people who reckons that the back garden is a safer option than toughing it out in far-flung places then you'll be welded to your deck chair after this.

Harry Guerin