As action-filled gore horrors go, this film does exactly what it says on the tin.

Our heroes are a group of United States National Guard trainees who will complete their training after one last task - a task which will take place on a former nuclear testing ground.

However, once they arrive at their destination something doesn't feel right. There is no one around. So our troupe continue to carry out their training, unaware that they are being watched by... you've guessed it folks... giant, mutated hillbillies.

It is not long before they are trapped on top of a mountain and, as their numbers dwindle, they realise they must all stick together if they are to have any chance of getting home.

Although I haven't seen 'The Hills Have Eyes', there is a real 'Dog Soldiers' vibe to this film. It has very much the same plotline, but differences appear in how this film is particularly Americanised. By which I mean every cliché you could expect to see in a gore movie is here in spades. In case you don't know what I mean and find yourself trapped up a mountain with some giant mutants, make sure to keep a spare bullet, just in case you have to shoot yourself.

We also have our one-dimensional characters. First there is tough guy Krank (Vargas), who is a tad cranky; a girl with amber hair, Amber (Stroupe), and also Napoleon (McMillian) - sure what other nickname would someone with a name like Napoli get in the army? When the latter pair find an almost dead soldier hiding in the toilet and having the last-gasp strength to mutter "they're here" you know straight away what kind of film you are in.

Another annoying element is how the plotline is made so awfully simple through the characters so as not to be in the least confusing to the audience. There is no need to use any brainpower - you have your good guys, you have your bad guys and you have a heap of guns. I mean, what more could you ask for, really.

That is not to say the film does not have its redeeming features. The opening training battle scene is well shot and tension is well held throughout the film. For those who enjoy the gore genre there are plenty of hacked-off arms, severed heads, blood and guts.

It must be warned, there is also a scene of sexual violence thrown in to shock the audience. 

That said, if bloody mayhem doesn't turn your stomach there is plenty for you in 'The Hills Have Eyes II'.

David McDonnell