On 23 April 2005 Real Madrid played Villarreal CF at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid. Real Madrid won the match 2-1 and Real's Zinédine Zidane and Walter Samuel were sent off. Even with those dismissals, the game, like the many others played in leagues all around the world, could've faded into the statistic books and the minds of fans as the years went by.

But this match will instead become a historical document of 92 minutes in the life of the most gifted player of his generation, thanks to artists Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno. After years of trying, they persuaded Zidane to take part in an unusual cinematic venture: to allow himself to be filmed by 17 different cameras for the duration of the Villarreal match. The result is the closest any football fan will get to sharing a pitch with the genius.

For those who have become conditioned to watching soccer on the small screen, Gordon and Parreno's film forces you to look and think in a different way: rather than following the action of the match, you're following Zidane - his time on and off the ball, in the thick of it and at rest.

With the multiple camera set ups, brilliant sound and vision editing and a beautiful soundtrack by Scottish band Mogwai, the finished film could work as well in an art gallery as a cinema. It has a strange, hypnotic quality and the longer you watch the more you'll think that Gordon and Parreno may have helped kickstart a new genre of similar sports films.

You'll also come away with the saying 'history repeats itself' playing over the key images - a wonderful smile, a brilliant cross - in your head. When Zidane is sent off your mind fast-forwards to the World Cup final a little under 15 months later and that long walk on that July night. The feeling is eerie and fascinating.

And as Zidane exits, a quote is flashed up which puts the acres written and decades talked about his brilliance into some perspective and captures the essence of a humble man for whom everything on a pitch looked simple: "When I retire, I'll miss the green of the field."

After watching this many will say that the hole in their own hearts is even wider.

Harry Guerin