Having made $75m at the US box office alone in 2004, it seemed a safe bet that Bill Murray would be asked to use his vocal talents once again on a 'Garfield' sequel. This time the lasagne-loving slacker cat is taken out of his home environment and ends up in London, where chaos predictably ensues.

With the love of his life Liz (Hewitt) off on a trip to London, Garfield's owner Jon (Meyer) decides to follow her with an engagement ring. What he doesn't realise is that half his clothes have been left on the sidewalk and Garfield (Murray) and pet dog Odie have stowed away in his luggage. On arrival in London, Garfield becomes a victim of mistaken identity with another moggy, Prince (Curry), who has been left a country estate by his spinster owner but faces a battle to get it back from her wicked nephew (Connolly).

Murray's laconic drawl would make even the speaking clock sound cool and he's perfectly cast as the voice of Garfield - it's just a pity he doesn't have better material to work with. 'Garfield 2' promises plenty of fun at the start but the film runs out of good original ideas not long after the ginger schemer sets paw in London. Director Hill relies far too much on 'Babe'-style talking animals which, while sweet, aren't anything we haven't seen already. What was needed were sharper one liners, more scenes involving Garfield with Hewitt and Connolly and a better ending.

Some fun for younger viewers, but at just 78 minutes not as satisfying as one of Garfield's lasagnes.

Harry Guerin