Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, starring The Rock, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Deobia Oparei and Richard Brake.

When video game 'Doom' was launched 12 years ago its first person angle, high gore levels and non-stop action made it an instant cult classic.

With the film industry keen to cash in on some of the big money to be made in the gaming business (the average user is a disposable income-rich 29), 'Doom' the movie has been inevitable for some years now.

"Hell breaks loose" threatens the tagline as a group of space marines head to a scientific research facility on Mars which has been invaded by some furious monsters of unknown origin.

It turns out these creatures are the result of botched up genetic experimentation and are holding a group of scientists captive for their own nasty ends. Yes, the storyline is skimpy enough but most viewers will go to see this for the big guns and the action, not the plot.

The hard-bitten military group includes muscle men called Reaper, Destroyer and Goat and is headed up by the ever-gracious Sarge, who is played by wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The Rock provides some of the cheesiest one-liners in the film - especially when he lovingly frees the BFG (a ridiculously huge gun) in order to tackle the angry monsters that the conventional (but still big) weapons can't.

Rosamund Pike ('Pride & Prejudice') gets busy slashing up these monsters to a bloody pulp in her role as Dr Samantha Grimm. Pike underwent training at medical school in Prague for the part and so she looks comfortable enough with the bone saw.

'Doom' is not a bad videogame-to-movie adaptation and succeeds in capturing the instinctive gaming experience through the use of a long first-person sequence.

At times you feel you are holding a controller in front of the screen, with the dark corridors, and bobbing guns with faulty lights adding to the suspense as the marines are tracked down by these gross looking creatures.

Overall 'Doom' is good for what it is - a mindless action movie with the standard alien sci-fi trappings. If you have seen the 'Alien' or 'Predator' movies you know the drill.

Mary McCarthy