Directed by Woo-Suk Kang, starring Kyung-gu Sol, Jun-ho Jeong, Shin-il Kang and Geun-hyeong Park

Prosecutor Chul-jung Kang (Sol) returns in this sequel to 2002's 'Public Enemy'. This time, he must bring another criminal to justice, but the case is a lot closer to home.

Sang-woo Han (Jeong) is an old school mate of Kang, but Kang does not have fond memories of this acquaintance. Now the head of the Myung-Sun Foundation, Han comes under scrutiny from Kang who believes that Han is engaged in embezzlement, bribery, and has even committed murder to ensure that he can build a new life for himself in America. Kang is determined to uncover Han's shady dealings, so much so that he becomes obsessed by the case and is in danger of losing his job, and worse, his life.

Kang and Han are basically fire and ice in this movie and it's their interaction that makes 'Another Public Enemy' so intriguing to watch. Han is all carefree indifference, while Kang is all fiery morality. They play their parts extremely effectively, especially Jeong as Han. The evil is quite palpable in his facial expressions and the actions he takes to protect himself.

The movie is about a half hour too long and some of the dialogue could have been cut out without dimming the drama. Otherwise though, 'Another Public Enemy' is an interesting moral tale about corruption and the lengths to which people will go to end it.

Katie Moten