Directed by Perry Ogden, starring Brian Dignam, Paddy Maughan, Rose Maughan, Rosie Maughan and Winnie Maughan.

'Pavee Lackeen' is a poignant portrait of the life of 10-year old Winnie (Winnie Maughan), who is a member of the Irish travelling community.

Perry Ogden has created a unique insight into what is, perhaps, the most misunderstood minority in Irish society. 

This is his directorial debut and it is clear to see that he has drawn on his experiences as a photographer in the making of this movie. He seems to be able to capture the emotions of those in front of his camera perfectly and you can really sense the frustration in Winnie's mother (Rosie Maughan) when she encounters difficulties as she tries to give her children a better chance in life by sending them to a settled school.

The documentary-style production follows Winnie's life over a number of weeks. She is the centre of our attention for the majority of the movie as her family experience a number of trials including their search for a settled house near to their Ringsend location.

'Pavee Lackeen' highlights the poor living conditions that travellers are subjected to and emphasises some of the bureaucratic nightmares they must endure if they wish to move to a settled community.

The majority of the cast are from the travelling community portraying characters closely resembling their own personas, to the extent that most of the names have not been changed. 

There are a number of hired actors and most people will recognise Michael Collins who played the part of Johnny Connors in 'Glenroe'.

This is a far cry from the romantic depiction of travellers in other Irish movies like 'Into the West' and 'The Field' and will give people a truer understanding of what it means to be a traveller. There are few who will not feel some sympathy towards the plight of the Maughan family.

Patrick Kennedy