Directed by Pablo Berger, starring Javier Cámara, Candela Peña, Juan Diego and Fernando Tejero

Set in early 1970s Spain, 'Torremolinos 73' is the story of travelling book salesman Alfredo Lopez (Cámara) and his beloved wife Carmen (Peña). Unfortunately, Alfredo's job doesn't pay very well, so the couple can barely pay their rent, let alone afford the baby that Carmen desperately longs for.

When Alfredo's boss, Juan Luis (Tejero), informs him that the company is restructuring, he and Carmen accept the opportunity to make erotic movies at home, which will be sold in Scandinavian countries in the guise of a reproduction encyclopaedia. Carmen hopes their exploits will get her pregnant, while Alfredo develops an obsession with cinema.

While the home movies make them a lot of money, after several months Carmen still isn't pregnant. On the other hand, she has become an international sex symbol, so when Alfredo writes a film for her called 'Torremolinos 73', Juan Luis is eager to produce it. Unfortunately, Alfredo's vision clashes with Juan Luis' and his project takes on a different character from what he intended.

It's here that writer/director Berger's film goes downhill. Initially a comedy with quirky and endearing characters, it's let down by its seriousness towards the end. It ultimately doesn't seem to know which direction it's going in and this confuses its audience.

It re-creates the 1970s era nicely and there's plenty of comedy, but 'Torremolinos 73' ultimately disappoints.

Katie Moten