Directed by Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegri, starring Norma Aleandro, Guillermo Toledo, Maria Botto, Marián Aguilera, Fernando Ramallo, Max Berliner, Alba Molinero and Marion Martin.

The husband and wife team of Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegri say that the big issue of our times seems to be how to avoid killing the person we are supposed to co-exist with. Here, they try to settle it.

Leni (Aguilera) and her Palestinian fiancé Rafi (Toledo) are head- over-heels in love. Their love comes before everything, including religion and politics, and was never an issue - until Leni brings Rafi home to meet her Jewish family. The Dalinsky household is wired with outlandish characters: the downtrodden, depressed mother (Aleandro), the nymphomaniac sister (Botto), and her blind, senile, ex-Israeli soldier grandfather (Berliner). Rafi is unnerved throughout this meet-the-family episode, first when the clan realise that he is Palestinian and later when he fears he may have accidentally killed Leni's father.

This is an enjoyable romantic comedy with many wry one-liners to keep you entertained throughout. The innate suspicion of the Dalinskys towards Palestinians results in some good laughs and this dimension also gives the film substance, a contemporary reason for the Jewish family not to accept Rafi.

Approaching Palestinian-Israeli relations from love instead of hate and in Spain instead of the West Bank, there are three pointed issues being explored: family, sex and the Middle East. And from this most bizarre mix of ingredients, comes a solid film.

The entire film follows one night from beginning to end. Arguably, there is monotony in the setting, with over two thirds of the story set in a small Spanish apartment. But the fast moving pace and the chaos that ensues will keep your attention throughout the 89 minutes.

Dudu, the senile grandfather is remarkable, managing to hit the heights that Cloris Leachman reached as the wonderful alcoholic mother in 'Spanglish'. He randomly walks past in many shots, feeling his way around and pulls out his rifle seconds after meeting Rafi. His household is full of foot fungus, laxatives, anti-depressants and unequal drives of libido. It's not Hollywood and that's not a bad thing.

Try something new and experience a good quality Spanish movie.

Patricia O'Callaghan