Directed by Clare Kilner, starring Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams, Jack Davenport, Sarah Parish and Jeremy Sheffield.

New Yorker Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) is invited to London for her sister's wedding but is shocked to discover that the best man will be her former fiancé, Jeffrey (Sheffield).

Faced with a potentially embarrassing and difficult-to-handle situation, Kat comes up with a wild and wacky plan to save face.

Before leaving the Big Apple to attend the nuptials, Kat hires a male escort, Nick (Dermot Mulroney), to act as her new boyfriend for $6,000.

Once in the company of her parents, family and friends, Kat's scheming goes to plan and no-one is any the wiser. Hoping that her ex-fiancé still loves her, there is the added bonus that he might be made jealous by the presence of Nick. This happens to an extent, but it's not as simple as that because, while Kat has been away, Jeffrey has become involved with a female relative of Kat's.

As the wedding weekend progresses, Kat and Nick get to know each other very well. Despite his chosen profession, Kat forms the opinion that Nick may be her second chance at finding true love.

But the whole wedding celebration nearly descends into farce when Kat finds out who Jeffrey's last conquest was and when the affair actually began.

Based on the novel 'Asking for Trouble' by Elizabeth Young, 'The Wedding Date' is a fun and glossy romantic comedy, packed with excellent performances and great one-liners.

Debra Messing, best known to Irish audiences for her role in the American sitcom 'Will & Grace', pulls off a great turn as Kat and carries the film wonderfully. She is ably assisted by Mulroney, who shows yet again a great gift for physical comedy.

There are great supporting performances by Holland Taylor and Peter Egan as Kat's parents and Amy Adams as her sister.

The action begins in New York but soon moves to London for the build-up to the big day and there are plenty of location shots of famous London sites to help set the scene, along with several familiar faces from British theatre and television.

All in all, 'The Wedding Date' is highly entertaining, fast-moving and well worth a visit to the cinema.

Mark O'Neill-Cummins