Directed by Stephen T Kay, starring Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Lucy Lawless and Tory Mussett.

When Tim (Watson) was eight-years-old his father disappeared. He tells people that he walked out, but for 15 years Tim has lived in fear of his father's abductor, the Boogeyman. He can't go into darkened rooms, his presses and wardrobes have no doors and waking hours are as much a struggle as the sleeping ones. After his mother's funeral Tim decides to face his fears and go back to his childhood home. But will he be strong enough for what he'll find?

If beans were being sold as peas the EU's regulators would get involved and if someone sold chocolate that tasted liked soap they'd have something to say about that too. So couldn't they do something to stop the dross that Hollywood calls 'horror' getting into our cinemas?

'Boogeyman' stars '7th Heaven' inhabitant Barry Watson in his first major screen role. After an experience like this, if he runs straight back to Glenoak and the comfort of the Camden clan, vowing never to make a film again, you wouldn't blame him.

Scary for the first five minutes, but then ludicrously plotted, rammed with clichés and with a villain that looks like Morph from 'Take Hart', this aberration has taken over $40m in the US, which suggests that teenagers either have too much money or such high drivel thresholds that they'd probably rent director Kay's remake of 'Get Carter' on the way home.

Don't be afraid - and don't bother either.

Harry Guerin