Directed by Hideo Nakata, starring Masato Hagiwara, Miki Nakatani, Ken Mitsuishi and Jun Kunimura.

Made after his cult favourites 'Ring' and its sequel, but before 'Dark Water', 'Chaos' finds Japanese director Hideo Nakata moving from the supernatural into Hitchcock territory.

Odd-job man Goro (Hagiwara) is approached by Satomi Nakatani), the wife of wealthy businessman Takayuki (Mitsuishi), with a proposition: she wants him to kidnap her. Goro agrees, and the two set about constructing a convincing scheme, which, seemingly, leaves nothing to chance. The kidnapping itself runs smoothly, but when Goro returns to his apartment after a hard day's ransom demanding, he finds Satomi dead.

It has a good twist, which Hollywood is soon to exploit, but 'Chaos' will come as a disappointment to many of Nakata's fans in the West. Despite its intriguing premise, Nakata fails to ring (sorry) much tension from the plot, with one scene stumbling into another due to poor pacing and some confusing flashbacks. With a running time of 90 minutes, both the story and the characters needed more time to make a connection - you never empathise with anyone onscreen and the finale feels like it was thrown together.

Hopefully Nakata's remake of his own 'Ring 2' will make amends.

Harry Guerin