Directed by Seong-ho Kim, starring Ji-tae Yu, Myeong-min Kim, Hye-na Kim, Ju-bong Gi, Myoeng-su Kimm, Young-jin Lee and Eun-pyo Jeong.

After inadvertently causing the death of his partner during a hostage crisis, former policeman Young-min Woo (Yu) takes a job as head of security at the Dreampia department store. But things become less than plain sailing when a series of mysterious deaths, linked with mirrors, occur on his watch.

With the police investigation being headed by Woo's former rival and co-worker Hyun-su Ha (Kim), the memories catch up with him again and he keeps reliving his partner's last moments - and his own role in the situation.

Korean director Seong-ho Kim's second film, 'Into the Mirror' is an atmospheric and competent thriller. While it starts, and particularly ends, in a supernatural manner, more of the focus in the movie is on the way that Woo deals with the aftermath of the tragedy in his own life rather than on the spooky and murderous goings-on at the department store. Ji-tae Yu's portrayal of a man at the end of his tether is effective, but the rivalry between his character and Hyun-su Ha is never fully explained.

While the ideas behind 'Into the Mirror', which was also written by Kim, are good, the supernatural element is not fully worked out. Early scenes set in the night-time blue-lit Dreampia are suitably jumpy, as Kim develops the idea of a malign force at work, yet the logic behind the mirror murders is sloppy. The final coda, however, is a masterful stroke and, as a calling card for a new director, 'Into the Mirror' has a lot to recommend it.

Caroline Hennessy