Directed by David R Ellis, starring Chris Evans, Kim Basinger, William H Macy, Jason Statham, Eric Christian Olsen and Jessica Biel.

'Cellular' is a thriller which, for once, lives up to the name. Fast, furious and thoroughly good fun, it'll have you on the edge of the seat and maybe even getting nudges from your neighbours when you gasp that bit too loudly. The premise is ridiculous, the script corny and there's no character development but in the right hands - it's directed by former stuntman David R Ellis ('Final Destination 2') from a story by 'Phone Booth' writer Larry Cohen - this B-movie schlock is pure gold.

There's no hanging 'round - within minutes of meeting elegant science teacher Jessica Martin (Basinger) while she walks her son to the school bus, a troupe of baddies have kicked down the door of her mansion, shot her housekeeper dead and she's been incarcerated in an attic. But Jessica is nothing if not resourceful. MacGyver-like, she manages to twiddle enough wires together in a broken old-fashioned phone and place a random call to the cell phone of laid-back surfer dude Ryan (Evans).

Although Ryan's ex-girlfriend (Biel) accuses him of being self-centred, it's not long before he's agreed to help the desperate woman on the end of the line, leading to all sorts of exciting set pieces including car chases, a hijacking and robbery. Through all the action he has to keep Jessica on the line despite a low battery, fading signal and crossed lines.

As Chris Evans zooms around Los Angeles, revelling in his action man role, with Kim Basinger huskily breathing encouragement into the phone, 'Cellular' comes close to being unintentionally laughable. But a pacy and witty script from Chris Morgan doesn't take itself too seriously, keeping tension at a fine pitch and adding a healthy dollop of humour. There's also impeccable casting, with the every-brilliant William H Macy turning up as a world-weary cop who's sucked into the situation and chief villain Jason Statham oozing menace.

Suspend all disbelief and you'll come out of the cinema with a big smile right across your face. 'Cellular' might be a no-brainer - but it's a damn fine one.

Caroline Hennessy