Directed by Will Finn and John Sanford, featuring the voices of Judi Dench, Roseanne Barr, Jennifer Tilly, Randy Quaid, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Set in the Wild West, 'Home on the Range' is a kids' cartoon with enough laughs to keep the adults interested.

When an eviction notice is served on the Patch of Heaven farm, Pearl the widow farmer is advised to sell her three cows for slaughter to pay her debts.

She refuses, but the cows, knowing that their future and that of all the animals on the farm is uncertain, set out to capture outlaw cattle-rustler Alameda Slim (Quaid) to earn the reward and save the farm. Slim has stolen thousands of cows and uses the money he makes to buy up the entire Wild West. Next on his list is Patch of Heaven.

Catching the outlaw is not as easy as it first seems when they discover that Slim is able to hypnotise animals with his guitar playing and yodelling. The cows must attempt to capture Slim without falling under his spell - something that proves very difficult. 

The three cows' journey in search of Slim is hilarious, with dim-witted Grace (Tilly) constantly trying to stop over-confident Maggie (Barr, whose whining grates after a while) and the wise, old cow Mrs Caloway (Dench) from bickering.

Along the way they are also forced to compete with others who want the reward - like Buck (Gooding Jr), the quick and arrogant sheriff's horse who wants the glory of catching Slim. The cows are also up against the mysterious Rico, a bounty hunter that always gets his man.

A step back from recent life-like animations, 'Home on the Range' owes more to older Disney movies like 'Aladdin' and 'The Lion King' and while it's predictable, it still provides some funny action.

Eilish Barry