Directed by Jeff Schaffer, starring Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Michelle Trachtenberg Travis Wester and Jessica Bohrs.

Brought to you by the makers of 'Road Trip' and 'Old School', 'Eurotrip' is almost a carbon copy of the former, only this time the new characters have just graduated from high school and embark on a summer of shenanigans across Europe. The story begins with lead character Scott Thomas (Mechlowicz) being dumped on graduation day by girlfriend Fiona and finding out that she has been playing away from home more often than a football team without their own ground.

The plot thickens when he realises that his male German pen pal Mike is actually a gorgeous blonde called Mieke (Bohrs) and is the woman of his dreams. Of course all this emerges after Scott has insulted him/her via email and she has blocked him on her email list. With no other means of communication, Scott decides to cross the Atlantic in order to find Mieke and explain the whole mix-up. His best mate Cooper (Pitts) decides to tag along in the hope of attaining some kinky European sex while there. In Paris they meet up with friends twins Jenny (Trachtenberg, who played Dawn in 'Buffy') and Jamie (Wester) and then the mayhem really ensues.

'Eurotrip' is inferior to 'Road Trip' in both jokes and storyline, but then we all know that no sequel has outdone its predecessor since 'Rocky II', so there's no surprise there. Some of the gags can be seen from a mile off, not that that's a huge issue in this genre. If you liked the original you will probably like this as well.

Be prepared for widespread nudity, though the ladies are cheated yet again with the male totty on show utterly overshadowed by that of the women. Irish audiences will also recognise some of the cameo appearances, with Vinny Jones widening his acting portfolio by playing an English football hooligan. Joanna Lumley also appears as a Dutch hotel clerk, but don't worry, she keeps her clothes on. Phew!

Séamus Leonard