Directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, starring Ernesto Alterio, Paz Vega, Guillermo Toledo, Natalia Verbeke, Alberto San Juan, Maria Esteve and Ramon Barea.

Javier and Sonia (Alterio and Vega) seem like the picture-perfect couple. Their friends Pedro and Paula (Toledo and Verbeke), however, have just split up - Paula saying that she's met someone else. Pedro seeks comfort from Javier and Sonia, not realising that his best friend is the new man in Paula's life. Javier wants to split up with Sonia, but can't find the courage to do so and while he's away on 'business', she begins to see Pedro in a whole new light...

A huge box office hit in Spain, 'The Other Side of the Bed' was nominated for six awards at the Spanish Oscars, The Goyas, and has spawned a sequel. But it's rarely funny and features some ill-advised song-and-dance numbers which either recall the jittery vocals of an adolescent heartthrob in a school play or a Latin version of 'The Tops of the Town'. It begins with a piece-to-camera by the director, although quite why a musical romantic comedy needs explaining is, well, never explained. And if you're cynical enough, you'll come to regard the introduction as an apology.

Had this film played it serious, it had plenty of interesting things to say about trust, relationships and male insecurity, but wrapping them up in jokes from situation comedy routines that were dated 20 years ago wasn't the way to go. In the eye candy stakes, the casting is perfect but, like real life, you can only look for so long before wondering why more isn't going on upstairs.

These people deserve each other - but not you.

Harry Guerin