Directed by Robert Luketic, starring Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, Josh Duhamel, Nathan Lane, Shawn Levy, Gary Cole and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Tad Hamilton (Duhamel) is the man with everything, except a purpose. A Hollywood star, his good looks and do-the-right-thing roles have made him a heartthrob for women everywhere. But after a night of simultaneous drinking, speeding and groping, Tad's career is under threat. Enter his agent and manager, both named Richard Levy (Lane and Levy), who decide that the way to get Tad back with the apple pie demographic is to organise a nationwide contest for charity, where one lucky woman gets to spend an evening with Tad. 3,000 miles from LA, supermarket cashier Rosalee Futch (Bosworth) is about to have her dream come true. And her boss and pal Pete Monash (Grace) is about to let the love of his life slip right out of it...

Luketic's follow-up to 'Legally Blonde' is one of those so-so comedies where a better film was struggling to get out. With Bosworth suitably wide-eyed and Duhamel excelling as the man who doesn't know who he really is, the weak point in the love triangle turns out to be 'That '70s Show' star Grace. Terribly miscast and more lethargic than lovesick, his scenes with Bosworth are devoid of the sparkle she shares with her other leading man. There are some nice digs at the shallowness of and fascination with celebrity ("Have her back by dawn and no cocaine," says Rosalee's semi-starstruck Dad) but should a film about true love really leave you wanting more Hollywood glitz and less down home charm?

And no prizes for guessing how it ends.

Harry Guerin