Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, starring Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr, Penelope Cruz, John Carroll Lynch, Charles S Dutton and Bernard Hill.

Psychiatrist Miranda Grey (Berry) wakes up in a cell, now a patient in the high security facility where she used to work. Grey has no memory of how she got there, her last recollection being of a girl standing in the middle of the road as she drove home from work. But when former colleague Pete Graham (Downey) arrives, a desperate situation becomes even more terrifying. He tells her that she is locked up because she has murdered Douglas Grey, the governor of the institution - and her husband.

The only mystery worth trying to figure out here is how so much talent signed up for so ridiculous a movie. Wanting to be a psychological thriller with supernatural scares, 'Gothika' is flimsy, makes little sense and doesn't even have the wherewithal to explain its title - this from the man who directed 'La Haine' and decent mainstream thriller 'The Crimson Rivers'. Berry runs around like someone who wants the film to finish quicker and it all ends with a twist that the gang at Hanna Barbera would've rejected as being too far fetched.

Anyone who goes to see this might need a few sessions afterwards to find out why they felt the need to punish themselves so badly.

Harry Guerin