Directed by Lucas Belvaux, starring François Morel, Ornella Muti, Gilbert Melki, Valérie Mairesse and Dominique Blanc.

After the violence and grim ending of first film 'On the Run', Lucas Belvaux, the man at the typewriter, behind and in front of the lens, continues his trilogy with this feelgood comedy of errors.

Just a bit player in 'On the Run', Cécile (Muti) now comes to the fore. She plays a teacher who's convinced her husband Alain (Morel) is cheating on her. But the truth is far more bizarre. Alain divides his time between his law practice, spiralling hypochondria and the belief he will be dead very soon. Also stricken with sudden forgetfulness, he has taken to recording his thoughts and ever-changing will into a dictaphone, all the time determined that his wife mustn't be upset.

Cécile, however, is so beside herself that she's enlisted the services of shady cop Pascal (Melki) to tail him. And when Alain has to go into hospital for minor surgery - and makes up an excuse about a business trip to Paris - it sets off a chain of events that sees his paranoia ratcheted up to the limit as Cécile and her new admirer follow him everywhere.

Many men of a certain age have never forgotten Ornella Muti from her turn as Princess Aura in 'Flash Gordon' in the early 80s and here she gives great pout and strop as the 'wronged' wife. She also has the perfect 'opponent' in Morel who, as the addled Alain, is determined to unravel himself in the most complex way possible.

The appeal of 'An Amazing Couple' is that, as the middle film in the trilogy (but again one that can be enjoyed on its own), it provides respite from the dark themes which precede and follow. Here the focus is on a middle class who create worries because they don't have enough to worry about: the people terrorist Bruno (Belvaux) was rebelling against in the first film and whom outsider-looking-in Pascal is forced to protect. While Melki's character comes across as a seedy opportunist in this film, like everything else in the trilogy, there's another angle and in the third movie, 'After Life', we get a study of a far more complex character.

People who have already entered Belvaux's world through 'On the Run' won't need any recommendations to see 'An Amazing Couple', but it's a film that will have newcomers making up for lost time too.

Harry Guerin