Directed by Chris Koch, starring Jason Lee, Julia Stiles and Selma Blair.

It's Paul's (Lee) stag night but he doesn't want all the attention heaped on him so he swaps roles with his best pal and becomes just one the guys. Things don't go entirely to plan, though, when Paul wakes up the next morning with Becky (Stiles), the hired dancer from the night before. With only seven days to go until he marries Karen (Blair), the chances of him running into Becky ever again seem remote. But when Paul arrives at the wedding rehearsal the longest week of his life is about to begin: not only is Becky there, she's Karen's cousin.

Three bad movies in a row can be the fast track to a career in made-for-TV true stories and Lee has now achieved that not-so-magic number in half a year. We've already had the criminally unfunny 'Stealing Harvard' and then the Stephen King adaptation 'Dreamcatcher', which actually worked better as a comedy than a horror. A 'Guy Thing' is better than both - put together- but it's still a waste of Lee and his two co-stars.

As a duo trying not to fall for each other, Lee and Stiles are likeable despite the fact that they are working with a script that gives them barely any decent jokes. Instead, there is the embarrassing moment in the chemists, a messed-up identity parade and the uptight future in-laws getting stoned on a Mexican chef's special herbs. No gag stays with you longer than a mouthful of popcorn and there's no need to stay awake to figure out the ending.

A date movie - but only if your other option is a documentary on plates.

Harry Guerin