Directed by David R. Ellis, starring Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes, T.C. Carson, Jonathan Cherry, Keegan Connor Tracy, Sarah Carter, Lynda Boyd, David Paetkau, James Kirk and Tony Todd.

Teen shockers are, at this point, part of the fabric of modern US cinema. Most are, admittedly, sub-standard tripe but once in a while one comes along which stands out either because of the element of surprise, or simply because they're that little bit better than their contemporaries. In 2000, 'Final Destination' was considered one of the better efforts. Again, not because it was exactly a glorious effort, but simply because it introduced a new dynamic to the exhausted genre.

The downside of such success, of course, is that we are inevitably subjected to a sequel. And then another sequel. History has shown us - quite brutally at times - that sequels are often little more than shameless cash-ins. 'Final Destination 2' conforms ruthlessly to this trend.

Anyone who has seen the first instalment will know what to expect. Here, the 'death squad' is led by Kimberly (Cook), whose premonition of a catastrophic traffic pile-up just before she turns on to Route 23, saves the lives of the people who were destined to die in the accident.

But, just like in the first film, 'death's design' won't be cheated so easily. Cue the start of a series of bizarre accidents as death starts to play out its interrupted plan. We have decapitation, dismemberment, impalement, incineration…no half-assed deaths here, oh no, it's blood and guts or nothing.

Ironically though, the actual methods the scriptwriters have come up with for killing their characters are the only thing that's mildly amusing about FD2. Gory they most certainly are, but it's hard not to howl with laughter as the 'freak' accidents get increasingly absurd.

There is not much any cast can do with garbage like this, but one as uniformly wooden as this wouldn't have had much chance even with good material. Ali Larter and z-list actor Tony Todd rehash their roles from the first film; the rest are a motley mix of relative unknowns. Most will stay that way.

This is as idiotic, pointless and predictable a sequel as you can get. Scary thing is, can a third instalment be far behind?

Tom Grealis