Directed by Perry Andelin Blake, starring Dana Carvey, Brent Spiner, Jennifer Esposito, Harold Gould, James Brolin, Edie McClurg.

Ten years ago 'Wayne's World' made stars of Wayne and Garth, a pair of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'-loving slackers. Since then Mike Myers (Wayne) has successfully morphed into Austin Powers but his sidekick Dana Carvey, who played Garth, has been missing from the big screen and when you see 'The Master of Disguise' you'll understand why.

Carvey is Pistachio Disguisey, a bad waiter with a terrible Italian accent and an inability to keep his mimicking mouth shut. When his parents (Brolin and McClurg) are kidnapped, his grandfather (Gould) teaches him how to be a Master of Disguise so that he can save them from evil baddie Devlin Bowman (Spiner). With a pretty sidekick Jennifer (Esposito), an over-reliance on flatulence jokes and one bad comedy sketch after another, Pistachio goes to find out what Bowman is up to and rescue his parents.

The witty opening sequence is about the most entertaining part of this film. That, and a skateboarding dog which has more talent in one wag of its tail than Carvey has in his entire body, alternate personas and all. Five minutes of his bumbling Italian performance is five too many - and there's still another 75 minutes left to stew through. Carvey can't even fall back on the old trick of blaming the script as he has a co-writing credit so the majority of the blame can justifiably be laid at his door.

'The Master of Disguise' is the directorial debut of Perry Andelin Blake, a former production designer who has worked with executive producer Adam Sandler on films like 'Mr Deeds' and 'The Waterboy'. It's easy to see where he's coming from - it's just a pity that his route takes him through our cinemas. Brent Spiner - without his Data makeup - Harold Gould and James Brolin give the impression that they're mortified to be part of this farce while Jennifer Esposito shows she can look embarrassed, but not much more, at Carvey's antics.

Dana Carvey had his chance - and he blew it. Don't let this man near the big screen again.

Caroline Hennessy