Directed by Marc Evans starring Sean CW Johnson, Kris Lemche, Stephen O'Reilly, Laura Regan and Jennifer Sky.

Take five people, young, good looking, eager – and greedy. Stick them in an isolated house for six months as part of a reality TV webcast and offer them the chance to win $1m. The catch is that no-one can leave – the group must stay together to collect the cheque. Maybe they can cope with the isolation, the loneliness, the snow and the lack of home comforts, but can they trust each other not to throw in the towel if the last week becomes the most harrowing?

It's a shame that 'My Little Eye' didn't come out at the height of 'Big Brother' because it would've given the faint hearted something to really worry about before they went to bed. Shot entirely on digital cameras positioned throughout the house, and with absolutely no point of view shots from any character, it takes a while to get used to Evans' dark, documentary feel. Not since 'Blair Witch' has a chiller carved out its own niche so well: with the superb nightvision shots, relentless level of intrusion and gritty sound, the feeling that you're doing something seedy and cheap grows the longer you keep watching.

But having set up the visual style so well and provided an intriguing case of who's-doing-it? the whole film unravels before the close. Music finds its way onto the soundtrack when there shouldn't be any, the characters never become more than the knife fodder (geek, creep, jock, slapper and good girl) you've seen onscreen for years and Evans seems to be more worried about the look than the lines. Forgivable if he had pulled out all the stops for the finale, but 'My Little Eye' ends like a sub standard 'Halloween' and worse still, the whole premise of the film, doesn't hold up once you step outside the cinema.

It's still far scarier than 99% of Hollywood's offerings; it's just a pity Evans had to resort to their clichés.

Harry Guerin