Directed by John A Davis starring the voices of Debi Derryberry, Patrick Stewart, Megan Cavanagh and Martin Short.

It seems a long time since the kids who are too old for 'Rug Rats' but too young to pick up on all the gags in 'Shrek' or 'Monsters: Inc' have had a hero and movie to call their own. So enter Jimmy Neutron, the latest character from the Nickelodeon Empire whose talent is for mixing fun and learning over 90 minutes.

He might look like a member of Morrissey's backing band, but Jimmy's big buzz is science and inventions. He has created a robot dog, figured out how he can get to school quicker than anyone and despite anxious looks from his folks, built a spaceship from household appliances. But the boy wonder finds a telling off from home is the least of his worries when he accidentally leads aliens back to earth. Waking up one morning, Jimmy and the rest of the kid nation discover that their parents have disappeared. And once the novelty of all day sweet bingeouts, no school and block parties has worn off, they must figure out how they're going to get their Mum and Dads back.

Parents may find themselves a little underwhelmed with the Oscar-nominated Jimmy Neutron, but the life messages and words of wisdom make it great edutainment for little viewers. While Jimmy lacks the wise cracks of Donkey from 'Shrek' or Sully from 'Monsters: Inc' the script is crafted to deliver the important advice about strangers and going off alone but makes sure the kids have a smile on their face when they're taking it in.

It's bright, it's loud and has some cute and cool set pieces (especially when Jimmy & Co whoop it up when earth becomes a folks-free zone) to make sure minds don't wander. And while Nickelodeon could have thrown in a few more gags for adults and still stayed true to the movie's mission, after seeing this don't be surprised if your toaster goes missing and Jimmy becomes a fixture on big and small screens for years to come.

Harry Guerin