Directed by Declan Lowney, starring Brendan Gleeson, Amanda Donohoe, James Nesbitt, Adrian Dunbar and George Wendt.

"The man who puts a bun in your oven", that's Belfast's Harry McKee (Gleeson), the hard drinking TV chef who does a better job of basting his guests than any dish he serves up for his faithful audience. Having worked his way through the female population at the station, Harry's wife Ruth (Donohue) and kids have written him off and the divorce is due any day. Until that is, Harry gets mugged, wakes up from a coma and finds that he's no memory of the last 25 years. Not that Ruth is too understanding though, she thinks it's another scam to stop the divorce from going through and sets about trying to catch Harry out.

Lowney's work as director of both 'Father Ted' and 'Cold Feet' serves him well as 'Wild About ...' combines over-the-top set pieces with deeper emotional insights and wraps them up in a gentle romantic comedy. Written by novelist Colin Batemen, the script gives Gleeson the opportunity to play two characters in the one film and he does so with trademark gusto, wholly credible as the lecherous chef and then child-like innocent who falls for long-suffering wife Donohoe all over again. The scenes between the two are particularly well-worked with Donohoe's character trying to forgive all the foibles and lost nights that Gleeson's has already forgotten. And while the tears overtake the laughs in the second half, the drama never becomes too sickly sweet to keep you from watching Harry make amends.

Throw in some decent supports from Nesbitt as the grudge carrying politician who Harry humiliates on live TV and George (Norm from 'Cheers') Wendt as Harry's frazzled producer and you've got a film which would probably work better on the small screen but manages to hold its own. Light but satisfying.

Harry Guerin