Directed by Harald Zwart. Starring Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Liv Tyler, John Goodman and Paul Reiser.

'One Night At McCools' is a lighthearted black comedy involving bingo, hit men and DVD players. It revolves around one woman and her spellbinding effect on three dupes.

Randy (Matt Dillon) is an all-American guy living in suburban Los Angeles, with little to threaten the status quo of his simple existence. By night he tends bar, by day he hangs out in the house his mother left him and is partial to the odd beer. One night, after he shuts up shop he encounters Jewel (Liv Tyler), a sexy, coquettish femme fatale who he saves from a would-be attacker. Back at his place she confesses to a duplicitous set-up and a catalogue of criminal activity. Undeterred, Randy is assuaged by her charm and looks, and in no time she works her way into his trousers (followed shortly by his heart and his house).

The two reside in domestic bliss - despite Randy losing his job - with Jewel ecstatic at finally having a home. However, it's not the interior magazine abode she desires and its humble surrounds don't match her domestic expectations. The lack of accessories and their near poverty spur her back to crime, only this time Randy is her reluctant partner. Soon they're involved in burglary, theft and murder and before long the police are sniffing around (in the form of Detective Dehling played by John Goodman). Randy's lawyer cousin Carl (Paul Reiser) is also drawn into the torrid tale and all three men become obsessed with Jewel, providing some hilarious scenes. Carl ends up in therapy, Dehling finds himself shredding criminal evidence against her and Randy is barred from his own home.

When he has finally had enough, Randy seeks out Mr Burmeister (Michael Douglas), a bingo-addicted hit man to dispose of Jewel once and for all. But will he resist her Siren-like allure and finish the job? The performances are unanimously laudable: Douglas oozes sleaze as the bingo-hall letch, and Tyler doesn't have to do much to pull off the role of vampy enchantress. With plenty of laughs and lots of kitsch interiors 'One Night At McCool's' is worth seeing for Michael Douglas's bouffant hair.

Sinéad Gleeson