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Cinema Listings.

Light House Cinema, Dublin

12 January - 18 January

  • Title
  • All The Money In The World
    12:40W, 13:10M, 15:15W, 15:30Th, 16:20Tu, 18:00W, 18:05Tu, 20:35Th, 20:40M
  • Call Me By Your Name
    13:30Tu, 17:50W, 18:05Th
  • Darkest Hour
    12:35W, 12:50MTuTh, 15:20M, 15:25TuTh, 15:30W, 18:00MTuTh, 18:05W, 20:35M, 20:40W, 20:50TuTh
  • Molly's Game
    12:40Th, 15:00Tu, 15:10W, 15:15Th, 15:25M, 20:35MTuTh, 20:45W
  • Royal Opera: Rigoletto
  • Song of Granite
    13:00Th, 13:10M
  • The Disaster Artist
    18:10M, 18:15Th
  • The Florida Project
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    11:30W, 12:55M, 13:00W, 13:15TuTh, 15:25W, 15:40TuTh, 15:55M, 18:00W, 18:05Tu, 18:10Th, 18:15M, 20:30Tu, 20:35WTh, 20:45M