Cinema Listings.

IMC Dun Laoghaire

26 May - 01 June

  • Title
  • A Dog's Purpose
    14:10M-Th, 16:20M-Th, 18:35M-Th
  • Alien: Covenant
    14:15M-Th, 15:15M-Th, 17:00M-Th, 18:00M-Th, 20:00M-Th, 21:00M-Th
  • Baywatch
    15:30M-Th, 18:15M-Th, 21:00M-Th
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
    14:00M-Th, 16:15M-Th, 18:30M-Th, 20:40M-Th
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2
    14:30M-Th, 17:30M-Th, 20:30M-Th
  • Handsome Devil
    19:05M-W, 21:15M-W
  • King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
    14:45M-Th, 17:45M-Th, 20:45M-Th
  • Miss Sloane
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge
    12:05SS, 13:15F-Su
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge 2D Galactic
    12:30SS, 14:30, 15:15, 17:30, 18:15, 20:30, 21:00
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge 3D
    13:45, 16:35, 19:30
  • Snatched
    14:30M-Th, 16:45M-Th, 19:00M-Th, 21:15M-Th
  • Spark: A Space Tail
    14:00Th, 14:35M-W, 16:05Th, 16:50M-W
  • The Zookeeper's Wife
    15:15M-Th, 18:05M-Th, 20:45M-Th
  • Their Finest
    13:10M-W, 15:40M-W, 18:15M-Th, 20:55M-Th
  • Wonder Woman
    14:20Th, 17:25Th, 20:30Th