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Cinema Listings.

IFI Irish Film Institute

23 March - 29 March

  • Title
  • A Fantastic Woman
    15:40W, 16:00Tu, 18:00Th, 18:10Su, 18:20M, 20:40Sa, 21:00F
  • Archive At Lunchtime
    13:00SaM, 13:10W
  • Dark River
    13:10F, 13:50Su, 14:00WTh, 14:30M, 14:50Sa, 15:00Tu, 18:10F, 18:50Tu, 20:20Su, 20:30Th, 20:40M, 20:50W, 21:00Sa
  • I Got Life
    13:00Su, 13:10M, 13:20Tu, 13:30SaWTh, 15:00F, 18:00Su, 18:10TuW, 18:30Th, 18:40Sa, 19:00F
  • Kila: Pota Oir
  • Lady Bird
    13:00Tu, 16:00W, 16:10Th, 16:30M, 16:50Sa, 17:00F, 20:10Su
  • Last Flag Flying
  • Sweet Country
    13:30Tu, 15:30Th, 15:45M, 15:50SuW, 16:00F, 18:10Sa
  • The Hitch-Hiker
  • The Legend of Longwood
  • The Square
    15:00Su, 15:10M, 15:30Sa, 18:00W, 20:00M, 20:10TuTh
  • The Third Murder
    13:10W, 13:15M, 13:20FTh, 15:30Tu, 15:40SS, 18:00Th, 18:20F, 20:00Su, 20:10W, 20:30SaM, 20:45Tu
  • The Trouble with Angels
  • You Were Never Really Here
    13:00F, 17:00Tu, 18:10M, 18:15Th, 18:20Su, 19:00Sa, 20:50F, 21:00W