Long-suffering Metallica fans who've endured the band's guyliner, St Anger and Lou Reed 'adventures' would argue that the second half of this book's title should be Then You Are a Glutton for Punishment.

McPadden, however, isn't as hung up on the fiascos as the rest of us, opting instead for the more completist-pleasing come-on of Here Are Over 200 Bands, CDs, Movies and Other Oddities You Will Love on the front cover.

What follows is the kind of guide that could've saved you a lot of money and record-buying folly when you were 16, and while those who have been around long enough will know virtually all of the acts and albums McPadden is writing about has enough sass and humour to make even a jaded old metal soul smile.

His next book this autumn is Heavy Metal Movies: The 666 Most Headbanging Films of All Time and his facts and fun mash-up here says that's a release that really warrants excitement.

Which is more than you can say about anything from the Metallica camp.

Harry Guerin