The latest novel from former 'Fair City' star Claudia Carroll once again delves into fairytale territory, with a modern twist adding some relevance to the tale.

Jessie Woods is a high-flyer. As a prime-time television presenter she's a household name across the country, appearing in society magazines and dating the most-desired man in town. For a while she has it all... but there's always somebody waiting to knock you off your perch and Jessie is set for the biggest humiliation of her career, followed by heartbreak, a few family struggles and a giant debt problem that won't be easy to solve.

Touching on recessionary issues, the cut-throat nature of working in the media world and living beyond your means, Carroll's leading lady has plenty for people to identify with. Added to the mix are her busy-body step-mother, her lazy step-sisters and a prince charming (yes, she actually could be Cinderella!), making this a story with lots of twists and turns.

While there's a certain inevitability to the proceedings here, (cue a big fluffy happy-ever-after ending), you will be rooting enough for the protagonist to want to see her life back on track, no matter how soppy it may seem when everything gets neatly tied up at the close.

Linda McGee