Many a well-thumbed copy of this book sits on shelves in Irish homes, and many a name was made or pitfall avoided with the help of the wisdom on its pages. 'Write and Get Paid for It' was first published in 1979 when it was hard to get your foot in the door. Nothing's changed. All businesses are tough, but at least this book gives you the armour for when things don't work out and guides you to the next step when they do.

From features to novels to blogs, the advice is excellent, with Prone always more practical than preachy. The book is, however, missing two sections: the first should be an inspirational closing chapter - part caring coach, part cranky editor - and the second should be a final page with the words 'don't give up' written 100 times on it.

They're suggestions for the next edition, but until then this could be the most valuable €12.99 you spend on your hobby, career or calling.

Read it in a week, remember for a lifetime.

Harry Guerin