‘Take a Weight off Your Mind’ by Fiona Hoban is not just another diet book that promises speedy weight loss by following a set of rigid instructions. It instead proposes a different approach to eating which centres around three main guidelines: stop dieting, eat mindfully and curb emotional eating.

Sounds sensible, right? This is no faddish diet book, enforcing unrealistic expectations on its readers – it instead focuses in on the reason Fiona thinks people are overweight, which is over-eating.

Yo-yo dieting can lead to rapid weight loss and gain, with no lasting results. Here, Fiona tackles the issues surrounding people’s struggle with weight and food, and aims to establish a healthier approach.

The opening of the book encapsulates her amusing, no-nonsense tack: “If you’re looking for a quick, easy solution to losing weight, with guaranteed results, that involves little or no thought or effort on your part, this book is not for you. You may want to look in another section of the bookshop or library (try F for fads, or G for gullible)”.

As an Irish person, I’m sure many of us have been conditioned to finish every last scrap of food on our plates – which is one issue Fiona aims to overcome. She also advises to only eat when you are hungry, and stop once you feel full – which is sound, simple advice that seems obvious but isn’t often incorporated into diets.

Fiona also discloses her Eight-Week Programme to losing weight and changing habits of over-eating. This, combined with gentle exercise, such as a moderate walk a few times a week, should see you drop weight slowly and healthily, while saying goodbye to cravings, binges and guilt.

This is a measured, well-researched and non-gimmicky approach to losing weight – a rare find in the over-saturated market of diet books.

Sarah McIntyre